Community Partners

Programs with partners in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

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Donors and Sponsorship:

The Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc., doing business as Lifetime.Education, would like to formally acknowledge and thank the following donors for their contributions to our community programs in Fort Wayne.


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  Contribution: Antivirus protection for all Homeless Coalition computers  cv1headphone1

A very special thank you to ClearVoiceOne for donating – since the very start of the Homeless Coalition – VoIP phone service. What an outstanding community partner!




Future community partners:

We believe we can all do more when we work together.

This is why the Homeless Coalition of Fort Wayne, Inc. was founded and operates based completely on partnerships. Our vision is to support those people and organizations that share our vision of expanding access to educational resources to all under-served populations.

If you’re interested in meeting to explore ways your organization and Lifetime.Education can work together to empower the citizenry of Metro-Detroit, MI and Fort Wayne, IN, please, reach out to us using our contact information here.